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    VOYAGER | Voyager CP200

    Product Description:
    This is the Accel Telecom VOYAGER CP200. It is a fixed mount telephone designed for in-vehicle applications. VOYAGER is the world’s first integrated and dedicated 3G smartphone for personal and commercial vehicles, vans, trucks and fleets.79999

    Combining a powerful speaker, a dedicated directional microphone and an external antenna the CP200 will ensure your drivers have optimum communications within their vehicle. The CP200 offers extended cellular coverage and range due to it's external antenna system, but it can also be connected to a cellular signal booster if required.

    Offering a simple, long range communication option to your drivers, the CP200 is a great alternative to making your driver's use their personal handsets while driving, and can reduce overall hardware costs because you only have to equip each truck with the device, rather than each driver (potentially saving thousands of dollars each year in hardware and telephone plan costs).