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COVID-19 Alert

June 18, 2021 Update: Great news, our client waiting area is open again (you can wait for your vehicle to be completed in our waiting area). Capacity is limited (due to provincial regulations) but you are permitted to wait inside now! We have our seating area divided to ensure you are distanced from others while you wait. Facemasks are required.

Product training after installation does still have limitations, but restrictions for this have also been eased. Product questions or concerns can also be directed to us via email, phone, or text message. We are also offering Skype, Zoom, and Youtube video training sessions (if required).

We can complete your installation at our Markham, Ontario location,
or we can come to your home or work-place (Toronto and Montreal).

Please choose where you would like your installation performed:

In-Store Installation:

155 McIntosh Drive, Markham
Ontario, Canada

On-Site Installation:

GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
Ontario, Canada

On-Site Installation:

Quebec, Canada