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Car Alarms

Car Alarms are a great way to enhance the security of your vehicle. Available in multiple different key fob configurations, these products are perfect for those who are concerned about car theft, or vehicle damage (vandalism etc.).

Looking to buy a car alarm with installation included?

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  • Compustar
  • Fortin
  • Viper

Bundles | Installed

Looking to buy a remote starter with installation included?

Choose your key fob:

  • 1-Way
  • 2-Way
  • OEM

Control your vehicle with one of our 1-Way bundles, the great price of a basic key fob, with the added range you need (up to 3000 feet!)

Control your vehicle with one of our 2-Way Key Fob Bundles. Get the remote start range you need, and a confirmation that your vehicle has remote started, via an alert on your 2-Way key fob.

  • 👍 T9 | LCD
  • T10 | LCD
  • T12 | LCD

Control your vehicle with one of our OEM Key Fob Bundles, no need to add a bulky additional key fob. Press the lock button 3 times, and like magic watch your vehicle start!

Control from your smartphone:

  • MyCar
  • Autoconnect

👍 = Most Popular

Best used for those who want the simplest integration between the alarm/start and their smartphone.

DRONE Mobile | X1R-LTE

Sold out

MyCar has the lowest cost GPS tracking, but only offers immediate location info, no history reports are offered.

MyCar | VS-4LU-1

Service Fees

Free First Year
Yearly Fees (after year 1)
Premium/GPS: $40 USD/Year

Sold out

Autoconnect is best used for those requiring history reports for GPS tracking (fleet and multi vehicle installs).

Autoconnect | AC200GPS

Service Fees

Yearly Fees
Basic: $59.95 CAD
Premium/GPS: $99.99 CAD

Sold out

Make your alarm more secure:

  • Starter Kill
  • IGLA

Starter kill stops the starter motor from being able to crank when the alarm is armed

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COVID-19 Alert

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking clients to drop their vehicle off and pick up when completed, unfortunately, our clients are not permitted in the waiting area at this time.
There is a key drop box at the front door to our shop, you may drop your keys in the box and our tech will come out to get them, pull your vehicle in, complete it, then park the vehicle back upfront. We may take care of payment over the phone when the work is completed.

Product training after installation is NOT offered at this time. Product questions or concerns can be directed to us via email, phone, or text message. We are also offering Skype, Zoom, and Youtube video training sessions (if required)

We can complete your installation at our Markham, Ontario location,
or we can come to your home or work-place (Toronto, Montreal, Grand Prairie).

Please choose where you would like your installation performed:

In-Store Installation:

155 McIntosh Drive, Markham
Ontario, Canada

On-Site Installation:

GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
Ontario, Canada

On-Site Installation:

Quebec, Canada

Car Alarms

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  • 1-Way
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  • 1-Way
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