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GPS Tracking  

Track the location of your vehicle through the use of a GPS tracking system.

GPS tracking systems provide the ability to track the location, in real time of your vehicle, asset, equipment, or people.
GPS trackers, whether you drive a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or any vehicle for that matter we have a GPS tracker for you!

What are you looking to track?

Personal Vehicle

Trucks or Fleet



Why Buy GPS Tracking from Lockdown Security?

We Ship throughout North America

Yes we ship GPS tracking solutions throughout North America, if you need a GPS Tracking system, we can ship it to you.

*some conditions apply*

We Can Install It

We sell AND install our GPS solutions, so you have an end to end partner with Lockdown Security, we handle your solution from start to finish. We offer in-store installation and on-site installation (we come to you).
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Multiple GPS Solutions

We carry only the top brands of dash cameras, including:

20+ Years Selling GPS!

We have been selling and installing GPS tracking systems for over 20 years, and have installed over 80000 GPS devices during this time, so we understand all aspects of the market, and can tailor a solution specific to your requirements.

GPS Question?

GPS Tracking is complex, and you may have questions,
check out our GPS FAQ page below:

BackZone Plus

Includes 4 sensors
Not paintable | No custom paint
Includes multiple mounting options

Sold out


Paintable Sensors 
Configurable half moon LED display
Digital control module

Priced From:

Sold out


Includes Blind Spot Detection
Paintable Sensors
Digital control module

Priced From:

Sold out


Paintable Sensors
Includes 2 Front Sensors | 4 Rear Sensors
Digital control module

Priced From:

Sold out


Includes 4 sensors
Designed for front of vehicle
Works on steel bumpers

Sold out

GPS Tracking Systems

Installation NOT included in prices shown below: