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Back Up Cameras

Where do you want to see the back up camera?

Back up cameras are displayed in one of three ways, the first step is to choose which display method you would prefer:

Dash Mount Screen

Dash Mount Screen

Dash mount screens are the lowest cost method of display, but require a screen on your dash or windshield.

Watch an example of a dash mount screen below:

Rear View Mirror  

Rear View Mirror Screen

Rear view mirror screens offer a very seamless installation, and look OEM. Some vehicles may not be be able to have one installed though.


Radio (Video Screen)

Displaying your back up camera in the radio screen is the BEST option, but also can be the most costly (as you may need to replace the radio or purchase an interface module for your existing radio.

Use this tool to build your back up camera package, the way it works is as follows:

1. Choose your display (choose between dash mount or rear view mirror)
2. Choose the CRX-51 camera (mandatory but see note below)
3. Add installation (if required)

CRX-51 Camera Note:

We have MANY different camera models, for our package builder we have simplified choices down to the Crux CRX-51 as it has multiple mounting options. If you would prefer a different camera, we can substitute it in package. (additional charges may apply if your chosen camera has a higher value)

Rear View Mirror Note:

FM5000: Full stem replacement mirror with a 5" LCD screen
MC5000: Clip-on mirror (works on any vehicle) with a 5" LCD screen
FM7300: WIDESCREEN! Full stem replacement mirror with a 7" LCD screen
RVM744: WIDESCREEN! Full stem replacement mirror with 3 video inputs

Back Up Cameras