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VDO RoadLog Driver Key

The VDO RoadLog Driver Key allows a Driver to automatically log in and log out from the VDO RoadLog ELD or ELD Plus, and the Driver Key can also transfer data from one RoadLog EOBR to another when a Driver changes vehicles.
The Driver Key is also used to transfer data between the RoadLog ELD and the PC that’s running the RoadLog Fleet Management Software or to transfer data to the RoadLog Fleet Online application.

Before it can be used, the Driver Key must be activated with a Driver’s identity using the Fleet Management Software or the Fleet Online application. The Driver identity assigned to the Driver Key is unique, and should not be used by another driver.

For Drivers using RoadLog ELD Plus with the Compliance or Dispatch versions of RoadLog Fleet Online, a Driver Key is not absolutely necessary. However, we recommend that each Driver should still have a Driver Key to use as a back-up, allowing them to carry data manually to the fleet office, or from vehicle to vehicle, if required.

Drivers using the Essentials version of RoadLog Fleet Online software will need a Driver Key, even if they are using a RoadLog ELD Plus, as there is no data transfer by cellular connectivity with Essentials.