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  • EW-CPAndroidBOX-13L

    LDS EW-CPAndroidBOX Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Dongle with Youtube and NETFLIX

    This is the LDS EW-CPAndroidBOX-13L Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Dongle with Youtube and NETFLIX.

    This USB dongle converts your wired CarPlay into wireless, and adds wireless Android Auto, along with the ability to use apps such as Youtube, and NETFLIX.

    Yes you can stream videos to your factory radio display screen!

    1. Built-in 4G Global Network: The AI TV box comes with a built-in 4G global network module, allowing seamless internet connectivity. It also supports using your mobile hotspot WiFi for internet access.
    2. Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto: Experience the convenience of wireless CarPlay and Android Auto on the smart box.
    3. Extensive App Selection: With access to the system's built-in app store, download and install a wide range of apps according to your preferences.
    4. GPS + Glonass + Beidou Satellite Positioning: Get help from accurate and reliable positioning with the wireless adapter's built-in GPS, Glonass, and Beidou satellite systems.
    5. Versatile Wireless Connectivity: The intelligent module offers various wireless connectivity options to enhance your experience.