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GPS Tracking | Installed Bundles

We make it easy for you to choose a GPS Tracking bundle using our Good, Better, Best system:

Good Bundles 

GPS IRIS Bundles ( No Service FEES! )

Valid for Ontario & Quebec Clients Only

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Coverage Zone

Good Bundles will have basic location functionality, and NO service fees.

Better Bundles

Amber Bundles (First Year Free)


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Better Bundles include your first year of service free of charge, and offer in-depth reporting capability for fleets (if required).

Best Bundles

GPS Device

Teltonika FM3612 | 1 Year Subscription  
Installation Included

$679.99 CAD

*Multi vehicle discount available*



Dash Cam Batteries can extend your parking mode coverage time by up to 80%. They will also guarantee you will never have a dead vehicle battery from using your dash camera.

*Some newer BMW and Tesla vehicles may require a dashcam battery to enable parking mode*

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Below is our installation fee for installing any dash cam battery.

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PTO (power takeoff) monitoring is used to get a fuel tax credit back, for use of your PTO.

Driver ID

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Know exactly which driver is driving your vehicle, through the use of a driver ID reader and tag system

Temperature Monitoring

Note: Vehicles equipped with a hatch will require an additional labour fee for running the rear video cable into the hatch.

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Know the temperature of your refrigerated (or heated) vehicle down to the exact degree.

Best Bundles include your first year of service, in-depth reporting capability, and the ability to monitor accessories such as PTO, Driver ID, and Temperature