Dash Cameras

Already have a dash cam and need it installed?

We offer dash camera installation service,
(even if you bring us the dash cam).

Need a dash camera solution for your fleet?

Fleets and heavy trucks need dash cams too, even more so than consumers, as trucks spend so much time on the road. We have you covered, check out our fleet & truck dash cameras below.

Do you drive for Lyft or Uber?

Driving for Lyft, Uber, or in a taxi fleet can be risky, protect your self and your passengers with a dash camera, check out
all our ride share
dash cam solutions below.

Concerned about battery drain?

If you want the safest way to use your dash camera in parking mode (when the vehicle is off and parked), then you need a dashcam battery, check them out below.

Need more than 1 or 2 camera views?

Vehicles have 4 sides, so why doesn't
your dash camera have 4 cameras?
Now it can, check out our multi camera solutions below.

Need more memory?

Yes we sell memory cards too, all of which we have tested to work great with
all of our dash cameras.
Check them out below.

Accessorize your dash camera.

Cables, mounts, tamper proof cases and more. Check out all of our dash camera
accessories below.

The Lockdown Security Difference

Personalized support
In-store and on-site installation
We have sold and installed over 5000 dash cameras