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  • September 14, 2016 2 min read

    We are very excited for this news, ADS (Automotive Data Solutions) has now announced a new plug and play remote start system for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, and the best news of all: No key is required to be sacrificed!! This is huge news for sure!

    As taken from an article in, read more details below:

    Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) introduced at KnowledgeFest the first plug and play remote start systems to work with select Volkswagen/Audi standard key and push-to-start models 2006 and up without the need to install a user’s car key under the dash.

    Its new iDataStart VWX and VW2 use a plug and play T-harness that “dramatically reduces install time.”

    The remote start systems also support lock, unlock and trunk release as well as ‘3XLOCK’ remote start from the factory key fob on most models.

    “Developing this solution was not an easy task, but we felt the industry needed it so it was time for us to get it done.” said Frank Barassi, President at ADS. “Delivering solutions like these that have long been considered ‘undoable’ is the reason we get up in the morning…”

    iDataStart VW remote starters will begin shipping in the US and Canada in October  and will be available in two versions. The iDataStart VWX will ship without RF for ‘3xLOCK’ remote start from the factory key fob, while iDataStart VW2 will include a 1-button, 2-Way long range remote. Both kits will include the VW1 T-harness and are compatible with most aftermarket telematics devices including DroneMobile and AutoLink and more.

    For more information on iDataStart VWX and VW2, visit ADS at booth #310 at Knowledgefest.

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