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  • Blind Spot Monitoring Is Next Backup Camera

    September 14, 2016 2 min read

    We thought we'd share this interesting article as found on, it talks about how Blind Spot Monitoring kits are the new must have driver safety accessory. 

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    Now onto the article: 


    “Blind spot monitoring. We call it the next backup camera.  We think it’s that scale of opportunity,” said Brandmotion President Jeff Varick.

    The company currently offers blind spot monitoring camera based products for late model Ford, GM, Chrysler, Audi, Mercedes and BMW vehicles.  Varick said the products are catching on with consumers.  “It’s two little cameras under the side mirrors. People like it.”

    It is also looking into the use of more advanced LIDAR radar for blind spot monitoring. LIDAR  is now used by the car companies. It works better in all weather conditions.  But it requires exact placement behind the bumper so it poses challenges for the aftermarket.

    In addition, Brandmotion is looking into thinner, smaller profile cameras for blind spot monitoring; cameras with better fields of view and cameras with object detection.

    The company also recently began supplying General Motors aftermarket products as the official supplier to GM dealers of Silverado aftermarket backup cameras.

    For all of the above reasons, the company added new employees including a full-time technical support specialist, Greg Schaaf who previously provided tech support at Parrot.

    360 degree camera systems in particular are complex and warranted the new addition to the technical support team, said Varick.

    Also new to the company is David Moline as Business Operations Associate;  Megan Scott as Marketing and Design Specialist; and Nathan Wheeler as Sales and Marketing Associate.

    “Automakers are increasingly implementing safety and driver assistance technology in new vehicles. We need to be even more diligent in identifying opportunities to fill the gaps with equivalent aftermarket products, and in turn communicate this information to our authorized dealers,” said Varick. “Having a stronger marketing and technical staff enables us to deliver.”

    Brandmotion is also working on vehicle-to-vehicle technology for the aftermarket.

    He added, “It seems like the next 10 years will be all about driver safety. I’m convinced that’s where the opportunities are and that’s where we are going to focus our brand.”

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