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    Wavtech BASSRESTOR Bass Restoration Processor, 2 Channel

    This is the WAVTECH BASSRESTOR Bass Restoration Processor.

    Musical genres such as classic rock, older hip-hop and Banda often lack adequate bass. To reinvigorate these tracks, the bassRESTOR processor can be used to supplement low frequencies and create a fuller sound.


    Our unique Multi-Function Remote Level Control (RLC) lets you adjust the overall bass volume, the amount of bass restoration effect needed for a particular song or defeat the effect completely when no restoration is required.   The bassRESTOR has both speaker level and RCA inputs, so it integrates easily with factory or aftermarket sources. There is a variable frequency subsonic filter for fine system tuning.


      • Bass Restoration Processor:
        • Adjustable Parametric EQ
        • Variable Subsonic Filter
        • Includes Multi-Function Remote Level Control (RLC)
      • Line Driver or Line Output Converter (LOC)
      • Differential Balanced Inputs
      • Low Impedance Outputs
      • Variable Gain with Clip LED
      • Auto Turn-On via DC-Offset or Audio Signal Detect
      • Generated +12V Remote Output
      • OEM Load Detect Compatible
      • Selectable Ground Isolation
      • Professional Grade Panel Mount RCA's
      • Locking Detachable Power and Speaker Terminals
      • Compact Aluminum Chassis w/Detachable Mounting Tabs
      • LinkLD is required when integrating into all amplified (and most non-amplified) Chrysler / Dodge / Fiat / Ferrari / Maserati systems

    • Output Voltage Max (RCA): >10V RMS
    • Output Impedance: <50O
    • Input Sensitivity (SPK/RCA): 2-20Vrms / 0.5-5Vrms
    • Max Input Voltage (SPK): 40Vrms
    • Frequency Response: 5-400Hz
    • THD+N (SPK/RCA): <0.1% / <0.1%
    • S/N (SPK/RCA): >118dBA / >128dBA
    • Parametric (Boost/Q/Freq): 0 to +12dB / 1.5-5 / 30-80HZ
    • Subsonic Filter: 5Hz-40Hz, -24dB/Oct
    • Turn-On Trigger: +12V, DC-offset & Audio Detect
    • Generated +12V Output: >500mA