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    Mobile Awareness 1147 VisionStat Plus Single Camera System w/ 7.0" Monitor

    This is the Mobile Awareness 1147 VisionStat Plus parking sensor kit with a 7" LCD display and 1 rear camera.

    This kit offers the best of both worlds when it comes to rear vision safety, offering not only a clear rear view (via the camera and LCD display), but also full obstacle detection via the included sensors. Obstacle distances and warnings are displayed in a large font via the included LCD display.

    This kit is built to a commercial grade standard, and is designed to be installed in any vehicle application, including all types of commercial vehicles.

    The sensors can be mounted in the rear bumper or in cases where this is not possible, under the rear bumper (comes with brackets to do this mount method).

    The LCD display also inputs for up to 3 additional cameras *cameras sold separately*, so if you need side view cameras and a front view camera, this package can work for you.



    • 1x - 7.0" LCD Monitor 
    • 1x - 18-IR Camera
    • 1x - VisionStat Plus ECU
    • 4x - Sensors with Rubber Boot and Under Bumper Mount
    • 1x - 10M Ext. Cable
    • 1x - 20M Ext. Cable
    • 1x - 22-Pin Wiring Harness

    *Monitor supports up to 4 cameras. Only one camera view will have sensor readings.*