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    Steelmate C20 7" LCD Screen Digital Video Recorder with 2 Cameras, 720p @ 30fps (all cameras), LCD Screen, Voice Control

    This is the Steelmate C20 7" LCD Screen Digital Video Recorder with 2 Cameras and Voice Control.

    It is designed for use on commercial trucks or other commercial vehicles and is a true multi channel all in one digital video recorder. 


    Yes this system has voice control, meaning you can speak to it and "tell it" to display a specific camera!

    See example below:

      • "turn on screen"          "turn off screen"
      • "turn on audio"           "turn off audio"
      • "show front camera"     "show rear camera"
      • "show both cameras"   - It displays 4 split


    The system records automatically after turning the ignition on, while each channel (camera) is saved in a separate file. The cameras of small dimensions and thanks to the lens high aperture, It records a clear image in the dark even without IR leds. The system uses 720p AHD cameras, it is possible to add/use also AHD cameras of other brands. When installing on a truck/trailer, it is necessary to insert also the M12 flexi cable. The main functions can also be controlled by voice (turn on, turn off the screen, switch camera view).

    Number of Cameras/Channels:

    2 Channel
    Camera Resolution:
    Front Camera: 720p @ 30fps
    Rear Camera: 720p @ 30fps
    (product is capable of 1080p support with alternate cameras)
    Is Camera Equipped with WiFi for Smartphone Connection:
    Is Camera Equipped with GPS Receiver:
    Camera Model Number:
    Camera Field of View:
    Front: Diagonal 160°
    Rear: 160°
    Camera Color and Design:
    The screen and cameras are black in colour, cameras are made of steel.
    Type of Memory Card and is it Included:
    MicroSD sold separately 
    Memory Card Support:
    Supports up to 256GB MicroSD card
    Power Consumption: 
    DC 12V - 24V
    Viewing Software Available:
    Computer Compatibility:
    Windows & Mac via Mini USB Cable
    Does This Camera Have an LCD Screen for Footage Viewing:
    Does This Camera Have Built-in Battery Protection:
    No, parking mode not available.
    Operating Temperature:
    -20 C to +70 C
    Country of Origin:



    • monitor
      • display                            IPS
      • diagonal                          7"
      • speaker                           yes, built-in
      • brightness                       3 levels
      • parking lines                    on / off
      • mirror image                    on / off
      • display                            1ch, 2ch split
      • lock the recorded file        yes by button
      • time/date/number plate    yes, on / off
      • dimensions                      182 x 120 x 27 mm without stand and shield
      • universal                        yes, other AHD cameras also supported
        • PAL or NTSC cameras supported (in the menu - after flashing the firmware) 
      • voice control                     yes
        • "screen on"          "screen off"
        • "open recorder"     "close recorder"     
        • "front video on"     "rear video on"      
        • "check all"             - 2 split display
        • "lock video"           

    • camera
      • view angle                       160° horizontally
      • water resistance               IP67
      • dimensions                      40 x 30 x 35 mm without stand
      • microphone                      yes, potted
    • video
      • resolution                        AHD 720p
      • compression                    H264
      • file                                  .MOV  (1, 3, 5 min)
    • SD card support                       max. 256GB (not included)
      • tested - 33 hours footage saved without overwriting (2 cameras connected, static image)
    • trigger wire                              1x trigger
    • for vehicles                              with 12/24 V on-board voltage
    • operating temperature              from -20 C to +70 C