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    Rydeen PROKIT1 TOMBO360 Upgrade Kit | Includes Rear Camera and Mirror Mount Brackets

    This is the Rydeen PROKIT1 Upgrade Kit for the Rydeen TOMBO360.

    ProKit 1 is made specifically for TOMBO 360, a universal touchscreen 10-inch frameless rearview mirror with built-in dash cam/HD monitor with 360 surround video recording. Please note that the TOMBO 360 is required to use the ProKit 1 installation kit.
    New and unique 360-degree video rearview replacement mirror with built-in touchscreen 10-inch HD monitor with built-in drive recorder.  Unlike other mirrors that can capture and record DVR video, the RYDEEN TOMBO 360 DVR Mirror also houses a 360-degree 4K High-Definition digital video camera. TOMBO, which means “dragonfly” in Japanese, symbolizes the capability of All-Seeing-Vision. It provides a full view of both the inside and outside of the vehicle from the vantage point of the rearview mirror.
    10-inch Mirror DVR with TFT Screen for front 360 view. The single 360-degree camera streams and records video from all sides of the car. Users can then choose to display the front of the car, sides of the car and the rear seat, for monitoring passengers. Built-in Blindspot indicators for connecting with RYDEEN BSD products (sold separately).
    ProKit 1 (upgrade kit) which include a windshield mount (standard VSM-AV), AHD rear camera for backup view (video auto-trigger switching, viewing angle adjustable), hardwire cable, proximity sensor, rear camera brackets, universal mount option (optional exchangeable mounts for various type vehicles), installation tools included. Call our technical support for details.
    ProKit 1 completes the features for TOMBO 360, includes:
    1. Windshield Install Backpack Adaptor with replacing OEM mirror
    2. Rear AHD Camera allows for backup view (auto trigger) and rearview (streaming view) also the video records on the 2nd channel of TOMBO 360 DVR
    3. Proximity Sensor for Parking Monitor
    4. Hardwire Power Cable allows Reverse Trigger, Last View Setting Memory, LED Cable Connection to RYDEEN Blindspot (BSD) Kits, Continuous Power to 2nd Memory Drive (SSD) after ACC is off
    5. LED Cable to RYDEEN Blindspot (BSD) Kits
    6. Camera Brackets for various mounting options