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  • XL202

    XpressKit XL202 RF to Data Interface Module

    RF to Data interface module is compatible with Directed 5 volt LE and SST transceiver (IVU) as well as some Astrostart and Autostart transceivers.  The 2-way module acts as a hub to add long range 1-way or 2-way remote control to any "Remote Start Ready" XPRESSKIT applications.  Plugs directly into DBALL or XK09 to add remote controls.

    Compatible with these Viper/Python/Clifford systems:
    7251V, 7152V, 7752V, 7652V, 7941V

    7251P, 7152P, 7752P, 7652P, 7941P

    7251X, 7152X, 7752X, 7652X, 7941X