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    Pioneer GM-D1004 4 Channel Amplifier

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    Pioneer GM-D1004 4-Channel Amplifier

    The Pioneer GM-D1004 4-channel amplifier will power your front and rear speakers with 45 watts RMS each — that’s almost three times the power of a typical factory radio or aftermarket receiver. Even better, this compact amplifier runs so efficiently that it can often get its power from the same circuit as your receiver, saving you some wiring hassles. And its tiny size means you can install it almost anywhere, even behind the dash in many vehicles.

    You can bridge a couple of the GM-D1004’s channels together and drive a sub-woofer with 90 watts while still powering a pair of front speakers. Universal harnesses let you get signal from an aftermarket receiver’s RCA outputs or a factory radio’s speaker wiring.

    Compact Design

    Whether you call it “compact” or “micro” the GM-D1004 will wear the name proudly. With the size equivalent to slightly smaller than a standard red brick, you’ll have no problem finding a place to mount it or conceal it behind our short chassis Digital Media Receivers stereos, glove box or even in the center console.

    Small But Powerful

    It may be small but don’t let the size fool you. The GM-D1004 is capable of delivering up to 400 Watts of maximum output and is more than comfortable providing 45 Watts of power per channel, that’s more than enough to improve the performance of your factory or aftermarket speakers.

    Varity of Installs

    Today more and more music lovers are taking their music off-road and finding ways to enjoy their music recreationally. With the GM-D1004 you can add great sound to your motorcycle, ATV, or boat where a conventional size amplifier may not fit.

    Flexible Connectivity

    For DIYers, the GM-D1004 amplifier is not only small and powerful but it’s easy to install. Simply connect power and ground at the radio and get more installation flexibility using hi-level or low-level inputs with a signal sensing remote turn on so you can use it in combination with a factory or aftermarket headunit.