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    Momento C3 License Plate Mount Camera | MR-C300 | Backup Camera

    This is the Momento C3 (MR-C300) license plate camera that can be used as a backup camera. 

    The Momento C3 camera uses a license plate mount that is clean and easy to install. The camera can also be adjusted horizontally, depending on the placement of your trunk handle.

    The Momento C3 can be connected to a Momento R1 rearview mirror, or a compatible aftermarket radio that has dedicated video-inputs for backup cameras.

    When the Momento C3 is connected to an R1 Rearview Mirror, the LEDs on the C3 camera will adjust to the amount of light in your environment.

    This is possible due to the hidden environment sensors built-in to the Momento R1 rearview mirror.