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  • M1000-M-DA3

    Mobridge M1000-M-DA2 MOST Pre-Amp Interface with DSP | 8 Channel RCA & TOSLINK Output

    The mObridge DA3 Digital Signal Processor is a revolutionary method of integrating high-end aftermarket audio components with the factory radio.
    The DA3 replaces the factory amplifier and eliminates the need for high to low voltage converters and or summing devices. Simply disconnecting the optical cables from the factory amplifier, and inserting them directly into the DA3, will provide 8-channels of full range, ultra clean fully configurable audio.
    The mObridge DA3 interprets many of the factory radio commands eliminating the need for an external volume control knob.
    Its DSP processor will decipher and control volume, treble, mid-bass, bass, sub-woofer, and balance functions of the factory radio.
    With the addition of the power UI interface the full power of the DA series is now available to users.  With full parametric adjustment of the individual channels as well as the master eq, 20ms time alignment,  cross over linking and much more, the user now has the ability to achieve award winning results with the DA3 interface.