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    Lumens SL4X6 4"x6" Sealed Beam Conversion Assembly

    This is the Lumens SL4X6 4 inch by 6 inch sealed beam conversion assembly. This product allows you to convert your 4" X 6" sealed beam headlight to an H4 hi/lo halogen bulb or an H4 hi/lo HID kit.

    Halogen converted sealed beam units will save money in the long run, as only the bulb inside the housing will be replaced (rather than the whole unit). All halogen sealed beam conversions include an H4 bulb and ceramic connector. Ready for installation. Great for Jeeps, classic cars, courier vans and vehicles with flip-up lights.

    • Replaces: H4651, H4652, H4656, H6662, H4666, H4668, H6545.