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Kenwood Excelon


Kenwood Excelon DMX1057XR Multimedia Receiver, 10.1", HD Screen, Wireless AA & CP, HDMi, Maestro, 5 Volt RCA, 2 Year Warranty

This is the new Kenwood Excelon DMX1057XR Multimedia Receiver.

And it is one of the BEST head units we have ever seen!
Being Kenwood Excelon, it even comes with a TWO YEAR warranty!

Type Of Receiver:
Digital Media Receiver
Screen Size:
Touchscreen Type:
HD Capacitive Touch
Bluetooth Equipped:
Apple CarPlay Enabled:
Yes | Hardwired and Wireless
Android Auto Enabled:
Yes | Hardwired and Wireless
HDMi Equipped:
Pre-Out Voltage:
5 volts (Front/Rear/Sub) | 6-Channel
Power Output (Internal Amplifier):
50 watts x 4