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    Kenwood DRV-N520 Dash Camera, 1080p @ 30fps, 8GB

    The Kenwood DRV-N520 dash camera.

    It is a high resolution (1080p) dash camera, and it's claim to fame is it's ability to be connected to compatible Kenwood video head units (it can be controlled and video footage viewed via the Kenwood head unit). Compatible head units are newer DDX/DNX/DMX models. 


    Technical Specifications

    Model Number:
    Number of Cameras/Channels:

    1 channel (front)
    Camera Resolution:
    2304x1296 (1080p)
    Frame Rate 30/17 fps
    No (but can be connected to Kenwood head units)
    Field of View:
    128 degrees
    Parking Mode Recording:
    Memory Card Type:
    Micro SD (8gb included)
    Memory Card Capacity:
    Viewing Software Available:
    Yes (PC Only)
    Computer Compatibility:

    Windows PC
    LCD Screen for Footage Viewing:

    No (Yes if using compatible Kenwood head unit)
    Built-in Battery Protection:

    Operating Temperature:
    -10 to +60 degrees celcius
    Built-in GPS:
    Country of Origin:
    Japan (Made in Thailand)
    1 Year 

    72" (W) x 22" (H) x 48" (L)

    • Feature Highlights: Super HD video recording is available in a compact design to document any occurrence or disturbance you may come across while driving your vehicle. With HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, it can record video at dark and bright locations, without underexposing or overexposing the image. A gyro sensor will automatically detect when there is an event and separate a portion of memory within the 8GB SD card for viewing. Additional safety and warning features will detect and alert you of a possible forward collision begins to occur.
    • SUPER HD RECORDING: Record high-resolution smooth videos at Super HD (2304 x 1296) while keeping the file size small with H.264 technology.
    • HDR FOR BACKLIGHTING: Thanks to HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, DRV-N520 can record video at dark and bright locations, without underexposing or overexposing the image.
    • SMOOTH RECORDING: Recording at 27 frames a second creates a natural and progressively smooth video.
    • EXTENSIVE RECORDING FUNCTION: With latest motion detection technology, DRV-N520 automatically activates and records video when motion is detected near the front of the vehicle. During parking mode, the security indicator will have a deterrent effect against car theft or vandalism.
    • KENWOOD DRIVE REVIEWER: is a PC application for displaying video recorded with the device. The application can be downloaded from the JVC KENWOOD website.
    • 8G SD Card (included)
    • Up to any 32GB can be used
    • High Resolution 2304x1296
    • 4 Million Pixels for detailed images
    • Forward Collision Avoidance
    • Parking Event Capture
    • Swivel Mount Forward Facing
    • Hardwire Harness
    • Wide angle view (117 degrees horizontal/63 degrees vertical)
    • Super Capacitor
    • G Shock Sensor
    • Frame Rate 30/17 fps