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    JINGLE JGS Power Liftgate Kit

    This is the JINGLE JGS Power Liftgate & Trunk Kit.

    This is the perfect addition to your vehicle to convert your manual (non powered) hatch to full automatic powered hatch.

    Vehicle manufacturers charge large premiums for many vehicle models to include a power hatch from factory, you can save money on your new vehicle by adding the power hatch on the aftermarket. Or, if you have  purchased your vehicle used, and it is missing the power hatch feature you want, here is your solution!

    There are many cars on the market that are not equipped with the original electric tailgate. This makes it very inconvenient for many car owners to open and close the tailgate. Jingle electric tailgate currently has more than 300 popular car models.

    The New Generation power lift gate opener which has more features.
    Support original remote to open/close gate.
    Support front/rear button to open/close gate.
    Support foot(boot) kick sensor addon.
    Still support manually open/close the gate.
    Customizable gate height, suits to everyone.
    Gate will bounce back automatically once it senses obstacles while closing.
    Sound alarm when tailgate is closing or opening.
    Quiet motor, noise less than 50dB in 30cm distance.
    Work in all weather conditions, operation temperature -30 ℃~65℃.

    What's included with the kit:

    1x Power Loom
    1x Control Box
    2x Power Struts
    1x Dash Button
    1x Gate Button
    1x Lock Cable
    1x Latch Motor(Depends on vehicle)
    1x Foot Sensor
    1x Manual (Download Links)