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    [Installed Bundle] ZZ-2 ITZ-CDR31-A Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Interface ⭕ Fits CDR31 Radios

    This is the ZZ-2 ITZ-CDR31-A (All-In-One) Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Interface. This interface is installed completely inside of the Porsche radio, and does not require an external control box.

    Compatible with the following vehicles:
     Porsche 911 2013 - 2016
     Porsche Boxster 2012 - 2016
     Porsche Cayman 2014 - 2016
     Porsche Cayenne 2011 - 2016  
     Porsche Macan 2014 - 2016 

    NOTE: Vehicle must have CDR31 (without factory navigation) radio.
    NOTE: Some manual transmission vehicles will NOT display Dynamic Parking Lines

    NOTE: This is an expert installation that requires the radio to be disassembled and a circuit board installed in the radio.

    NOTE: The CDR31 radio screen is a low resolution, analog LCD. The image displayed will not be digital and high resolution like the PCM3.1 Navigation radios offered from Porsche. 

    The ITZ-CDR31A is the first Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto solution which doesn't require any external module. The installation is all performed inside of the radio. In addition to CarPlay/Android Auto, our kit also provides a front and rear camera input (w/ Dynamic Guide Lines).

    With our ITZ-CDR31-A you will be able to use the most popular apps from your smartphone (such as iMessage, Spotify, Waze, WhatsApp, Google Maps and more) right on your factory radio, fully integrated with the factory touchscreen. 


    • Wireless CarPlay
    • Wireless Android Auto
    • SmartPhone Mirroring
    • Front View Camera input
    • Rear View Camera input (w/ Dynamic Parking Lines)*