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    [Installed Bundle] Wolfbox G890 Mirror Dash Camera, 2K+1080p+1080p @ 30fps, Touchscreen, GPS

    This is the Wolfbox G890 3-Channel mirror dash camera.

    This camera system consists of a 12" LCD touchscreen equipped rear view mirror (clip on so it is universal, fits any vehicle), an interior 1080p camera, and a weatherproof 1080p rear camera, that can also be used as a back up camera.

    Number of Cameras/Channels:

    3 Channel
    Camera Resolution:
    Front Camera: 2K
    Interior: Full HD 1080P 30FPS
    Rear Camera:  Full HD 1080P 30FPS
    Is Camera Equipped with WiFi for Smartphone Connection:
    Is Camera Equipped with GPS Receiver:
    Camera Model Number:
    Camera Field of View:
    Camera Color and Design:
    The camera is black in colour, and configured as a rear view mirror.
    Type of Memory Card and is it Included:
    64GB MicroSD Included
    Memory Card Support:
    Supports up to 128GB MicroSD card
    Viewing Software Available:
    Viewing software is available for download, and is also included pre-loaded on SD Card (included)
    Computer Compatibility:
    Windows via Mini USB Cable
    Does This Camera Have an LCD Screen for Footage Viewing:
    Yes | 12" Touchscreen
    Does This Camera Have Built-in Battery Protection:
    Yes | Cable Included
    Operating Temperature:
    -20C to +60C
    Country of Origin: