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    [Installed Bundle] Steelmate SBS-2 Blind Spot Detection Kit with Radar Sensor

    This is the Steelmate SBS-2 Blind Spot Detection kit, now using a single radar sensor that requires NO HOLES in your rear bumper.

    One of the most unique features involves the single sensor design, and how it can be mounted. You may mount the sensor on a passenger vehicle (car) behind the rear bumper, or on a truck with steel bumpers, by mounting the single radar sensor like a back up camera (externally). This is the only kit on the market with this flexibility built-in.

    Note. When installing the SBS-2 on a vehicle with a tow bar, the sensor must be placed at such a height that the tow bar is not located in the detection zone. The sensor must not be blocked by metal objects.

    It comes equipped with 2 x LED Indicators, 1 x Radar Sensor, all wiring, and a controller ECU.


    • signaling
      • indoor (advantageous in heavy rain, in reduced visibility)
      • visual and audio (audio can be turned off)
    • detects:
      • vehicles approaching from the left or right side
    • not detected are:
      • parked vehicles in both directions
      • approaching vehicles from the opposite lane
      • vehicles that are being overtaken
    • for vehicles with 12V on-board voltage
    • current consumption: <250mA
    • length of cables from RJ to displays approx. 5.5 m and 6.5 m
    • optimized algorithms
    • it is necessary to carry out a test drive before using it in operation


    • 77GHz microwave - only 1x
    • IP67 - waterproof
    • installation without drilling a hole
    • minimum dimensions
    • range: up to 30 m
    • installation height: 55 cm (+/- 10 cm)


    • ignition
    • ground
    • left side indicator
    • right side indicator
    • reverse light
    • parking light