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    KEETEC Rider OBDII Block System, Block and Secure your vehicle's OBDII Port

    The contactless immobilizer is designed for effective and quick blocking of the OBDII Port of modern vehicles, thus reliably preventing the use of the diagnostic port by an unauthorized person.

    The OBDII port is what thieves can use, to program keys or disable vehicle immobilizer systems, so if you block access to this port, you stop the thieves in their tracks!

    User authorization is "contactless" through the elegant RC SMART 2 key fob with an innovative algorithm for maximum battery life (more than 3 years).

    The kit includes an owner's card with a unique PIN code for emergency deactivation of the system.



    • Zero consumption blocking relay
    • Contactless control
    • Possibility of blocking the start/stop button
    • Activation of service mode by button or remote control
    • External service button
    • Possibility of one-time emergency deactivation
    • Plastic card with a unique PIN code
    • Minimalist design of the control unit
    • Possibility to pair up to 10 remote controls
    • The possibility of blocking two circuits

    Technical parameters

    • Supply voltage 12/24V
    • Current carrying capacity of the blocking relay 1A
    • Current consumption in active state 4.7mA
    • Dimensions of the control unit 14x20x67mm
    • Operating temperature of the device -40°C to +80°C

    Package contents

    • Control unit
    • Remote control RC SMART 2
    • Plastic card of the owner
    • Valet button

    Warning: Make sure to use maximum current load of the blocking relay 1A. Use additional devices to control larger current loads.