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    [Installed Bundle] EUROSTART BRS10 BMW Remote Starter ⭕ Key SACRIFICE Required

    This is the EUROSTART BRS10 plug and play remote starter for BMW vehicles. This remote starter kit requires NO cutting, splicing, or soldering of any factory wiring, and will not effect your BMW warranty in any way.

    Enjoy a safe, secure, warm car in the winter, or cool car in the summer by adding a EUROSTART remote starter to your BMW vehicle.

    NOTICE: This product is not sold online or over the counter and MUST be installed by Lockdown Security.

    Compatible BMW Models:
    BMW X3 2022-2023-PTS
    BMW X4 2022-2023-PTS
    *For use with automatic transmission vehicles only.  Hybrid vehicles not supported.*


    • Remotely start the vehicles engine using the Factory Key Fob (3x Lock Starting).
    • Supports Compustar RF remotes and DroneMobile smartphone interface for extended range. (RF Kit and Smartphone Interface sold separately)
    • The vehicles keyless entry and comfort access system remains functional while the vehicle is remote started.
    • Lock and unlock capability using RF remote or smartphone interface.
    • User selectable runtime of 3, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes.
    • User settings can be changed using steering wheel controls.
    • Parklight flashes indicate vehicle running status and diagnostic codes.
    • Built in temperature sensing and vehicle battery monitoring. (Temperature and voltage displayed on DroneMobile and select Compustar RF kits)
    • For safety and security the vehicle must be locked and secured for remote start activation and the engine will turn off during the remote start run-time if the vehicle is unlocked, a side door is opened, the hood or trunk/hatch is opened, or the brake has been applied.
    • Micro SD card slot on board for firmware updates and diagnostics.
    • To protect the vehicle and battery the remote starter will not attempt to start the vehicle if the battery voltage drops below 11 volts.
    • Valet mode to disable remote start function.
    • Simple remote programming.
    • The Eurostart retrofit harness uses OEM compatible wiring methods and installs without cutting or soldering to the factory wiring.
    • Low power standby.