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iDatastart RF2652A Key Fob Kit | 2-Way LCD | 6000 Foot Range

This is the new for 2018 RF2652A 2-Way LCD RF Kit from iDatastart. Using LoRA technology to obtain long range transmitting distance and incredible battery life, this is the newest RF kit on the block!

This kit includes:

  • 1 x TR2650A 2-Way LCD key fob
    FCC ID: 2AERJ-TR2650A | IC: 11418A-TR2650A

  • 1 x TR2410A 1-Way key fob
    FCC ID: 2AEPJ-TR2410A | IC: 11418A-TR2410A

  • 1 x AN2400-1 antenna 
    FCC ID: 2AEPJ-AN2400A | IC: 11418A-AN2400A

  • 1 x antenna cable (4 pin)