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The iDatalink ADS-BLADE AL is designed for hassle-free all-in-one immobilizer bypass*, doorlock interface and CANbus integration, simply insert your ADS-BLADE AL cartridge into your Blade-enabled remote starter's dedicated dock, connect your remote starter to your PC using the Weblink Updater™ Cable and flash your module with any firmware available in our entire library. *Accessories may be required where applicable and sold separately.

Programming (FLASHING)

We strive to pre-program all programmable product HOWEVER certain vehicles may require 2 stage programming, which means you MUST have the ADS-USB programming tool to complete the installation. We also highly recommend anyone attempting to do their own install be pre-equipped with the ADS-USB programming tool. Features and options of this product can ONLY be changed with the ADS-USB programming tool. Please click the link below to read more about the tool.

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This product comes with a 1-year warranty

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