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  • Trunk Model 3 2017-2019/02

    Hansshow Power/Motorized Trunk Kit | 2017 - 2019/02 Tesla Model 3

    The kit does not include a foot triggered kick sensor, this is additional purchase.

    We are excited to present you with the Hansshow Power/Motorized Trunk Kit.
    This is the Trunk Model 3 2017-2019/02 Kit.

    Compatible with the following vehicles:
    2017 - 2019/02 Tesla Model 3 

    Yes you can convert your manual/mechanical trunk into a fully motorized opening and closing trunk (just like high end luxury vehicles!). Hansshow kits come with a trunk mounted OEM style button to activate, as well as a front interior mount button. Many vehicles also include the ability to integrate the opening/closing of the trunk into the OEM (factory key fob).

    All Hansshow kits are designed and engineered with longevity of use in mind, and will hold up to thousands of open/close cycles. They also have the latest safety measures in place, so you can avoid an accidental closure pinch incident (for example).
    We recommend professional installation for all Hansshow products, however if you are mechanically inclined you are able to install these kits yourself, or let Lockdown Security handle the installation service for you.