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    GNET D-FORCE S1 TRUCK 4CH Dash Camera, 1080p(x4) @ 30fps, 128GB, WiFi, LCD Screen, GPS

    This is the GNET D-FORCE S1 TRUCK 4CH Dash Camera.

    The GNET D-FORCE S1 TRUCK revolutionizes the multi camera dash camera space, not only by including four 1080p high resolution cameras, but also by including a giant 12.3" high resolution LCD touchscreen display.


    It is designed for use on commercial trucks or other commercial vehicles and is a true multi channel all in one dash camera. 

    This camera offers the holy grail of safety features, which is the combination of camera footage recording, and the feature of turn signal inputs (for auto switching your view to the left or right cameras when the turn signals are activated) along with reverse signal input (for auto switching your view of the rear camera when the vehicle is placed in reverse).

    This camera provides users with memory storage of up to 2TB (terabytes) using the SSD Adapter (additional purchase accessory), and up to 512GB Micro SD card storage capacity.

    NOTE: If external SSD storage is required, you must add the SSD-Adapter accessory AND purchase an external SSD (512GB - 2TB supported). The SSD-Adapter accessory is NOT the SSD drive itself, it is an accessory required to add an SSD.

    Number of Cameras/Channels:

    4 Channel
    Camera Resolution:
    Front Camera: 1080p @ 30fps
    Side Camera: 1080p @ 30fps
    Rear Camera : 1080p @ 30fps
    Is Camera Equipped with WiFi for Smartphone Connection:
    Is Camera Equipped with GPS Receiver:
    Camera Model Number:
    Camera Field of View:
    Front: Diagonal 140°
    Left Side: 140°
    Right Side: 140°

    Rear: 140°
    Camera Color and Design:
    The camera is black in colour, side and rear cameras are black steel.
    Type of Memory Card and is it Included:
    Micro SD | 128GB included
    SATA SSD Support (SSD Case accessory required)
    Memory Card Support:
    Supports up to 512GB MicroSD card
    Supports up to 2TB SSD (requires SSD case accessory)
    Power Consumption: 
    DC 12V - 24V
    Viewing Software Available:
    Viewing software is available for download, and is also included pre-loaded on SD Card (included)
    Computer Compatibility:
    Windows & Mac via Mini USB Cable
    Does This Camera Have an LCD Screen for Footage Viewing:
    Does This Camera Have Built-in Battery Protection:
    Yes, cable included
    Operating Temperature:
    -20C to +70C
    Country of Origin:

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Are all cameras are Infrared?
    The front is not IR, but the left/right/rear (if used) are IR.


    Recording in LOOP or constant and how many minutes, if loop?
    Loop recording once storage capacity is reached, video files are recorded in 1 min / 2 min / 3 min clips, based on how you set it up. This so that clips can be filtered by date/time when searching for footage.


    Parked Recording is MOTION ACTIVATED or something else?
    Motion or impact triggers parking recordings


    SSD adapter type: M.2 or SATA SSD?
    SATA is the adaptor standard, the adapter is mandatory if you wish to add an SSD, the SSD type is SATA


    Do outside cameras get powered from inside camera or has a separate power source?
    The outside cameras have a 4 pin DIN style cable, which has power connections, along with video connections inside of it. No separate power required for the outside cameras


    Do you have other mounting options for outside cameras?
    The cameras come with a mounting bracket, designed to be screwed, nut and bolted, or zip-tied mounted. You would have to source special brackets for your vehicle if required.


    Can I mount outside cameras sideways and how will it impact recorded video?
    Yes you could mount sideways, but the image will then be sideways as well. I have to double check to see if there is an image rotate feature in the software (I don't think there is though).