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Fortin RFK942 Key Fob Kit | 2-Way LED | 6000 Foot Range

This is the Fortin RFK942 Key Fob Kit. It is a 2-Way kit with 6000 feet of range.

    • 2-Way 4-Button RF Kit (Single Remote)
    • Comes with 2 x key fobs 
    • Compatible with EVO-ALL, EVO-ONE and E400.
    • LoRa SST long range technology - up to 2 kilometres of operational range.
    • Eco connect battery life technology
    • Remote features rubberized membrane, multicolour LED, hard & slim resistant body construction and a metallic insert for strength.
    • Optional RFA2A adaptor required when using with EVO-ALL.

Kit Includes:
  • 2x RM942 (900 MHz) - Long range 2-way 4-button remote. 6,000 ft. (2km) urban range.
  • 1x ANT900 Antenna with programming buttons and double LED indicators.
  • 1x Antenna Cable




NOTE: If using with EVO-ALL, you will need RFA2A Adaptor.