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    EVO-START LTE-USA Smartphone Controller, USA Version, 1 Year Subscription Included

    EVO-START LTE Subscription Plans: Click Here

    This is the Fortin EVO-START LTE-USA smartphone controller with built in 4G/LTE cellular coverage across the USA (United States of America). 

    Providing full telematics control and GPS tracking functionality when connected to a compatible Fortin product*

    Compatible Fortin Product
    Fortin EVO-ALL
    Fortin EVO-ONE

    The Fortin EVO-START LTE includes a 1 year subscription in the purchase price.
    (USA Customers)

    Install EVO-START LTE and experience the best way to remote control, secure, track and interact with your vehicles from your mobile devices.

    Connect the EVO-START LTE device to a compatible remote control system. Once the EVO-START LTE app is installed on your iOS and/or Android device, you can use it to remote start/stop the engine, control and track your vehicles, as well as receive push notifications regarding your vehicles status.

    The EVO-START LTE system operates via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or via a wireless mobile specific network with coverage in Canada.