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    Directed Electronics XKLOADER2 USB Programming Tool

    This is the Directed Electronics XKLOADER2 USB Programming Tool for remote start, security, and interface products made by Directed Electronics.


    *NOTE: To use this tool, you require a user account with Directed Electronics, please visit for details on how to sign up for an account.
    This tool is non-refundable once purchased, so please verify your account info with Directed Electronics before ordering.
    The XKLOADER2 is the USB computer interface (Bootloader) that acts as a bridge between your pc & an upgradeable, XPRESSKIT vehicle interface module. A program called VIP (Vehicle Interface Program) provides the user interface needed to update and/or change the vehicle firmware. VIP includes a critical update alert which informs you when a newer version of vehicle firmware is available. XKLOADER2 is faster, more powerful and more secure to keep pace with the latest technologies such as the DBALL.