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  • SV-1000.PLW

    CrimeStopper SV-1000.PLW Wireless Video Transmitter

    If you have ever installed a camera on a bigger truck, bus or motor home, then you know how much work it is. With the SecurView™ SV-1000.PLW, your work will be cut in half. The SV-1000.PLW is a wireless signal generator that converts a hardwired RCA video connection into a wireless signal. The system includes a transmitter and receiver end to complete the signal. The transmitter is connected to the reverse camera, and the receiver is connected to the monitor and that's all it takes. You will be able to get a clear image without have to run any wires, and the wireless signal will work at a distance up to 200ft. With this system, you will be able to put in a full camera system in half the time.

    The SV-1000.PLW can be used with any of the SecurView™ or PlateCam™ cameras or any other camera that uses an RCA cable video connection.


    • Video transmission by frequency modulation over DC power lines
    • Eliminates installing long lengths of RCA cables
    • Transmits wireless signal through power lines eliminating interference
    • Simple power and ground hook-up
    • Perfect for longer trucks, motor homes, buses and limousines
    • Waterproof design (IP38)