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    Compustar T12SS with FT-CM9A-CONT Car Alarm, 2-Way LCD + 2-Way LED, 15000 Foot Range

    This is the Compustar T12SS with FT-CM9A-CONT 2-Way Car Alarm with 15000 foot range.

    This kit comes equipped with TWO x 2-Way key fobs, one is a 2-Way LCD and the other is a 2-Way LED.


    The FT-CM9A-CONT is one of the most advanced car alarm systems on the market, with configurable/programmable inputs and outputs, and a D2D/RS232 support for iDatalink, Fortin and other bypass module brands.

    The FT-CM9A-CONT is also compatible with all Compustar key fob kits, as well as the latest in smartphone controller technology from the likes of DRONE Mobile and MyCar2.

    Type of Car Alarm:
    How Many Remote Controls Come With This System: 
    2 ( 2 x 2-way )
    Operating Range: 
    15000 Feet
    How Many Buttons on Remote Controls: 
    Car Alarm Model Number: 
    RF-2WT12-SS with FT-CM9A-CONT
    Compatible Antenna Number:
    Compatible with Smartphone Control: 
    DRONE Mobile
    Manual Transmission Compatible: 
    Bypass Module/Interface Module Support:
    RS232 (D2D)
    iDatalink (Multi Series)
    Directed Electronics (Wire to Wire Only)
    Warranty Coverage:
    Limited Lifetime ( lifetime on main controller module )