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    Compustar T12 with CMX Car Alarm with Remote Starter, 2-Way LCD + 2-Way LED, 15000 Foot Range ⭕ iDatalink BLADE-AL Interface Included

    This is the Compustar RF-2WT12-SS with FT-CMX-HC Car Alarm with Remote Starter with 15000 Foot Range. 

    The T12 comes with TWO 2-Way key fobs, 1 x 2-Way LCD and 1 x 2-Way LED.

    This kit comes equipped with the iDatalink BLADE-AL interface module. 
    This kit also comes equipped with the FT-ALARM-IT Security Upgrade Kit.

    The Compustar CMX car security/remote start controller, which is capable of being configured as an alarm, alarm with remote starter, or remote starter. It can be used as a stand-alone (OEM key fob controlled) or a Compustar key fob kit can be added to it. One of the most unique features is the FTI plug and play t-harness compatibility, making this one of the most versatile, technologically advanced car security controllers on the market today.