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    Compustar G15 with DC3 Car Alarm with Remote Starter, 1-Way, 2000 Foot Range

    This is the Compustar RF-1WG15-AP with FT-DC3-HC Car Alarm with Remote Starter with 2000 Foot Range. 

    This kit also comes equipped with the FT-ALARM-IT Security Upgrade Kit.

    The RF-1WG15-AP is one of the newest 1-way key fob kits from Compustar. Using rugged, OEM style key fobs, this is the perfect key fob kit choice for those looking for a basic, easy to use key fob for their Compustar remote start system. And with up to 2000 feet of range, you can rest assured your vehicle will start from a very long distance!

    This is the new Compustar DC3 remote starter controller. It is compatible with all iDatastart/iDatalink vehicle specific t-harness accessories.

    This version is the HC (High Current).