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  • RALEIGH910

    Blaupunkt RALEIGH910 Multimedia Receiver, 10.1", Wireless AA & CP, 2 Volt RCA

    This is the Blaupunkt RALEIGH910 Digital Media Receiver with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

    This receiver offers one of the largest, floating style screens for one of the lowest price points of all receivers we carry. Features such as wireless Apple CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, built -in steering wheel controls, front AND rear view camera inputs, along with a front, rear, and subwoofer pre-out. 

    Type Of Receiver:
    Digital Media Receiver (no CD/DVD)
    Screen Size:
    Touchscreen Type:
    Bluetooth Equipped:
    Apple CarPlay Enabled:
    Yes | Wireless
    Android Auto Enabled:
    Yes | Wireless
    HDMi Equipped:
    Pre-Out Voltage:
    2 volts (Front/Rear/Sub)
    Power Output (Internal Amplifier):
    45 watts x 4