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    Axxess AX-DSP Universal Amplifier Replacement Module with DSP

    This is the Axxess AX-DSP Universal Amplifier Replacement Module.

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    The AX-DSP presents an all-in-one solution for a variety of car audio system setups, from fixed level output (digital) to analog OE systems, and even adding a subwoofer to an OE system. Our before the amp solution is designed to allow the installers the option to remove the factory amplifier or to add a subwoofer all while maintaining the OE features and controls of the radio. Whether you have a Digital or Analog factory amplifier system, the AX-DSP has you covered.

    Unlike other digital signal processors on the market, the AX-DSP includes a built-in Axxess Interface. More reasons installers will love the new Axxess DSP is for its quick and simple installation behind the factory radio, due to its small footprint. Features and settings are easily controlled via Bluetooth from our free Smartphone application, which is available for both iOS and Android. To further cut down on install time, Axxess has engineered vehicle specific T-Harnesses (sold separately), that make installation even faster and easier, with no need to cut any wires. Using a T-Harness can cut down installation time from 1 hour to just 5 minutes.




    • 31 band graphic EQ
    • 6 inputs and 6 outputs including front, rear and subwoofer
    • Selectable high and low level inputs
    • Front, rear and subwoofer outputs have an independent two-way crossover in-line with the EQ
    • Front and rear outputs can be delayed independently up to 10ms
    • Easy behind the radio installation
    • Can be used with OE and aftermarket radios
    • Chime control for vehicles with amp-generated chimes (When retaining OEM radio)
    • Retains Sonar sensors in vehicles where the tone is provided by the amplifier (When retaining OEM radio)
    • Clipping detection and limiting circuits
    • Retains OE voice prompts (SYNC and OnStar)
    • Settings adjusted via Bluetooth application compatible with both Android and Apple devices
    • Read, Write and Store your configuration for future recall

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    This product comes with a 1 year warranty