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  • Autostart AS325OW-ASTR2545FM, 1-Way, Antenna FM-TW122, FCC ID: NAHTDK4

    This is an Autostart 1-Way 5 Button Remote Control

    Programming Instructions


    This is an Autostart 1-Way 5 Button Remote Control
    Compatible With These Systems: 
    AS1855FM, AS1875FM, AS6450TWFM, AS6470TWFM, AS6850TWFM. AS6870TWFM, AS550TWFM, AS1822FM, AS1872, AS1882FM, AS6320FM, AS6380FM, AS1835, AS1835FM, AS2300TW, AS2360TW, AS-520TW, AS2580TW, AS2600TW, AS2660TW, AS6400TW, AS6460TW, AS6520TW, AS6580TW, AS6600TW, AS6660TW, AS2300iTWFM, AS2360iTWFM, AS2310TWFM, AS2350TWFM, AS2361TWFM, AS2600iTWFM, AS2660iTWFM, AS2400TWFM, AS2450TWFM, AS2461TWFM, AS6400iTWFM, AS6450TW, AS660iTWFM, AS6850TWFM
    FCC ID: 
    IC ID: 

    Model Number: 
    AS325OW, ASTR2545FM, NS124BK
    Compatible Antenna Number: 
    FM-TW122 or FM433-100
    Transmitting Frequency: 
    433 MHz (fm)
    Is this a 1 Way Keyfob?: 
    Is this a 2 Way keyfob?: 
    Battery Type: 
    CR2025 x 2
    Keyfob Colour: 
    Light Blue
    LED Colour: 

    Compatible Antennas

    If your vehicle has any of the antennas listed below, this key fob
    will program to it.