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    Autostart SH1 Antenna

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    Antenna Description:
    This is the Autostart ANT-SH1 replacement antenna for Autostart systems.
    Compatible With These Systems:
    AS1525SH, AS1524SH, AS1585SH, AS1584SH, AS6105SH, AS6104SH, AS6165SH, AS6164SH
    FCC ID:

    Model Number:
    ANT-SH1, ANTSH1, SH1
    Compatible Antenna Number:
    ANT-SH1, ANTSH1, SH1
    Transmitting Frequency:
    303 MHz
    Is this a 1 Way Antenna?:
    Is this a 2 Way Antenna?:
    Antenna Colour:

    Compatible 1 Way Keyfob: Not Available

    Compatible 2 Way Keyfob:

    Programming Instruction Link: