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    ATOTO AC-HD03LR Rear Camera for ATOTO S8, Includes Virtual Surround View Feature

    This is the ATOTO AC-HD03LR Camera for ATOTO S8.

    Designed to be used as a back up camera, and includes the license plate mounting bracket for easy installation (you can choose other mounting methods as well).

    The traditional OEM factory surround-view system supplements the reversing camera with three more cameras – one in the front apron and one in each lower trim of the exterior mirrors. Based on the information supplied by all four cameras, the system generates a virtual bird’s eye view of the car and displays it on the in-dash car radio screen. It is also possible to switch between various camera views to improve visibility. As it is integrated into the factory car electric system, it has the status of turning lights and the current position of the steering wheel, so it has more options for drivers to use.

    If you plan on installing an aftermarket 4-camera based surround-view parking assist system, you will find it too difficult to finish the installation. ATOTO VSV (Virtual Surround-View) rearview parking assist system on S8 (Gen2) models uses a single camera to provide a surround virtual top view, that captures and displays all the areas the camera has seen since it starts to work. That being said, it scanned & remembered all the surroundings since it starts to work, and rebuilt a dynamic, simulative but almost same-size ratio surroundings view. Your vehicle and barriers' positions will be distinguished easily.

    Image Sensor:
    Camera Resolution (Pixels or TV Lines):
    Minimum Illumination Lux:
    ≤0.1 Lux
    Angle of View:
    Multi Angle View Capable:
    Camera Model Number:
    Operating Voltage:
    12 volts
    Waterproof Rating:
    Yes (IP67-IP68)
    Parking Lines:
    Selectable On/Off
    Video Type: