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    Alpine Halo11 ILX-F511 Multimedia Receiver, 11", Wireless AA & CP, HDMi, Maestro, HD Radio, 4 Volt RCA

    This is the alpine Alpine ILX-F511 Halo 11 Multimedia Receiver. 

    Rise above the rest with the Alpine Halo11, the largest display on the market, and the culmination of everything you love about the Alpine Halo platform

    One very cool new feature is the ability to integrate an Alpine brand dash camera to be controlled through the touchscreen. 

    Dash camera support  requires the use of the Alpine DVR-C320R, and is compatible with the following head unit models (this one included):

    Alpine Receiver Compatibility: By connecting the DVR-C320R to your compatible Alpine head unit, you'll get a view of the cameras' recordings on the screen of the Alpine radio, plus access to select controls and drive-assist features on the touchscreen of the Alpine receiver. The DVR-C320R dual-camera system is compatible with the following Alpine in-dash digital multimedia receivers (as of 3/15/2022).

    • iLX-F511
    • iLX-F509
    • i509-WRA-JL
    • i509-WRA-JK
    • iLX-207 (*when iDatalink Maestro is not in use)
    • X308U (*when iDatalink Maestro is not in use)
    • INE-W970HD (*when iDatalink Maestro is not in use)

    Type Of Receiver:
    Multimedia Receiver
    Screen Size:
    Touchscreen Type:
    Capacitive Touch
    Bluetooth Equipped:
    Apple CarPlay Enabled:
    Yes | Hardwired + Wireless
    Android Auto Enabled:
    Yes | Hardwired + Wireless
    HDMi Equipped:
    1 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output 
    Pre-Out Voltage:
    4 volts (Front/Rear/Sub)
    Power Output (Internal Amplifier):
    16 watts RMS/45 peak x 4 channels