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  • Accele 6544 Strut Lifter Switch | Gas Strut Sensor

    This is the Accele 6544 Strut Lifter Switch | Gas Strut Sensor. This new product solves a car security problem that has been around since the beginning of the car security industry, and that is broken, rusty, loose pin-switches.

    The best way to protect any entry points that have strut lifters.

    Just clamp onto the existing strut end and when main body of strut moves away it activates an internal switch.

    - No more rusted switches that cause false alarms.
    - No more broken switches when customers are loading and unloading items.
    - With 2 wires coming out, you don't even have to worry about grounding
       the switch! 

    Works on Snug-top  liftgates, hoods, truck tool-boxes, hinged tonneau covers,  
            RV & Boat  storage compartments / hatches etc.