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    GPS Tracking  

    Knowing the location of your fleet is invaluable, track your trucks, trailers, and assets with one of our GPS tracking systems

    Dash Cams & DVR

    Record video of your fleet's driving, and reduce your liability in an accident, by adding a dash camera or DVR to your fleet.

    Driver Safety  

    Safe driving is important, make your fleet safer with back up cameras, parking sensors, side view cameras, or collision avoidance systems


    You need to reach your fleet, use one of our truck phones, communicators,
    or CB Radios to do it.


    Protect your fleet, and your tools from theft by adding one of our security systems


    Provide the drivers in your fleet with a better audio experience with one of our specialized fleet radios.


    Let Us Install It For You

    We can help deploy anything your fleet requires. We have in depth experience working on trucks, machinery, armoured vehicles, agricultural vehicles and rail vehicles.

    Service Offerings & Benefits

    • Nationwide Installer Coverage (Canada)
    • End to End Project Management
    • Fully Insured
    • On-Site Service (we come to you)

    GPS Tracking Installation

    • Modems
    • PTO Integration
    • ELD / Logbook
    • Driver ID
    • Garmin Integration

    Dash Camera Installation

    • Front & Rear Cameras
    • DVR & Cameras
    • Driver Fatigue Monitors
    • Battery Back-Ups

    Driver Safety Installation

    • Back Up Cameras
    • Side View Cameras
    • Parking Sensors
    • Blind Spot Detection

    Communications Installation

    • Telephone
    • CB Radio
    • Cellular Boosters
    • Cellular Antennas

    Security Installation

    • Alarms
    • Locks & Actuators
    • Door
    • Door Key Pads

    Audio & Video Installation

    • Radios & Receivers
    • Speakers
    • Amplifiers
    • P.A. Systems

    Brands We Work With