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Autostart AS-2386TWS Support Bible

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Autostart AS-2386TWS Wire Diagram

Autostart AS-2386TWS Error Diagnostics

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Starting Errors

Autostart AS-2386TWS Manual / Automatic Transmission Vehicles

The Autostart AS-2386TWS is compatible with manual transmission vehicles, and comes pre-set for such vehicles. If you are installing in an automatic vehicle, follow the steps to configure for automatic transmission.

See image below:

Autostart AS-2386TWS and Diesel Vehicles

The Autostart AS-2386TWS has a (+) positive polarity input (wire input) to be connected to your diesel vehicle glow plug wire, this is how the system will determine any required wait to start times.

You can also program the system to have auto (pre-set) wait to start times, see the programming menu chart below.

Autostart AS-2386TWS Valet Mode

Valet Mode means turning the AS-2386TWS off, whether it is for servicing the vehicle or when valet parking (for example). By no means do you have to turn the AS-2386TWS off, but if you want to turn it off you may do so through the valet mode procedure.

Entering and exiting (turning on/off) valet mode is done via methods as outlined below.

MyStart+ and AS-2386TWS

EVO-START2 not programming?
Did you connect the YELLOW Wire from the EVO-START2 to ignition?

EVO-START2 Install Guide

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MyCar and AS-2386TWS

EVO-ONE Programming Required!
Ensure RF Kit Compatible option is set to Fortin 2.

See our video below on how to do this!