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    Our Opinion on Android Radios

    Android based radios have taken the in-car entertainment industry by storm, and they offer a very appealing feature set, and most are priced very aggressively. However, we do not sell any of them directly here at Lockdown Security. Many (not all) are problem prone, and not very reliable, but some (specifically from the brands we show below) are of a higher quality than the generic versions found on sites such as AliExpress and Amazon.

    If you are going to purchase an Android powered radio, we suggest you look at what the brands below have to offer (we are not affiliated in any way to these brands, these are brands that our clients have brought to us for install and they seem to work well)

    Best Android Radio Brand

    • ATOTO
    • XTRONS
    • EONON
    • Seicane

    Android Radios | Common Issues

    In our experience, the most common issues that arise with Android radios are:

    AM/FM radio reception in North America will be poor when using an Android radio, this is due to the tuner step frequency differences between Asia (where these radios are manufactured) and North America. There is no way around this issue if it arises.

    Complexity of the Android operating system, and the level of detailed options and settings these radios provide. If you are not technical in nature, this can be overwhelming.

    Build quality, as all of these radios originate out of China, build quality can be hit or miss. The brands we reference above seem to have build quality issues resolved, especially ATOTO.

    Fitment issues, especially with standard double DIN models. We have found many of the double DIN sized units are oversized double DIN, meaning your standard double DIN sized mounting kit may require extensive modification to fit your Android radio. This issue seems be happening less and less, but still something to watch out for.

    Audio output quality, simply put ALL Android radios have very poor sound quality outputs, especially when using their RCA audio outputs. If you are going to connect an external amplifier to your Android radio, use a LINE DRIVER, such as products we carry from WavTech, see link HERE