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Volvo XC40  

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This vehicle is frequently stolen, we can PREVENT that using an Anti Theft System

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Remote Start & Security

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Yes we ship worldwide, if we can verify there is a remote start for your vehicle, we can ship it to you.
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We can install your remote starter on almost any vehicle. In-Store and On-Site installation available.
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Tell us your vehicle year, make, model, and key type and we will pre-program your remote starter.
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Support by phone, chat, email, video stream, and we have one of the best online support forums out there!

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Note: the SKSXC is only compatible with North American spec Volvos.


Automatic Transmission Only

Plug and Play Harness:

Included with SKSXC

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Power Liftgate Kits

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Works with OEM Key Fob!

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Volvo XC40